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Latest Updates

1. maven launchpad plugin 2.0.6 source release
2. 2.0.6 source release
3. 2.2.0 source release
4. geronimo eclipse plugin 2.2 source release
5. geronimo 2.2 source release
6. cxf dosgi ri source distribution 1.1
7. apache openwebbeans 1.0.0 incubating M3 sources
8. apache openwebbeans 1.0.0 incubating M3 sources java
9. apache ivyde sources 200907011148 RELEASE
10. activemq parent 5.3.1 source release
11. xml commons external 1.4.01
12. xml commons external 1.4.01 java
13. xmlbeans 2.5.0
14. xmlbeans 2.5.0 java
15. tiles 2.2.1
16. tapestry 5.0.19
17. synapse 1.2
18. struts
19. rampart dist 1.4
20. pdfbox 1.1.0
21. openejb 3.1.2
22. openejb 3.1.2 java
23. maven mailetdocs plugin 0.1
24. maven ant tasks 2.1.0
25. mahout collections 1.0
26. lucene 3.0.1
27. jdo2 tck 2.3 ea
28. jdo2 util 2.3 ea
29. jdo2 model 2.3 ea
30. jakarta jmeter 2.3.4

What's New?

• 5/8/2010 *: Added most popular Java AIPs based on the number of times used in open source projects.
• 11/19/2008: Docjar Eclipse plug-in is working for version 3.3 now. Download it today: DocJar Eclipse Plug-In v3.3.
• 09/07/2008: New version of Docjar is released today. It is a total re-work of the older version. The new version makes the update easier. So you will expect DocJar to be updated more often. If you find we are missing your favorite open source Java projects, please let us know. Search has been enhanced too. Now you can also look into the details of a selected Jar file. Check it out.
• No more NoClassDefFoundError or ClassNotFoundException. Now search produces Jar file results too. You can download over 3000 of Jar files.
• Introduce the new IE plug-in (screenshot). With a right-click of the mouse, you can access Javadoc from your IE browser anywhere and anytime. Make sure you have administrator's privileges to install it.
Paste your Java Stack Trace here, Docjar shows you the document and code.
Firefox Search Plug-in Add Docjar Java Search to your Firefox browser. See screenshot.
Eclipse Plug-in Plugin DocJar Docjar Plugin for Eclipse (v3.3, v3.2, v3.1 and v3.0) is avaible for download. Without leaving your IDE, you can access thousands of Java APIs, and search Google. Please download it, and unzip it in your Eclipse home directory. Please see the plug-in in action (screenshot).

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