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SWFActions: Interface for passing Action Codes Lifecycle is - 1. start(..) is called with any condition flags (e.g. event codes) for the action array 2. action methods are called 3. end() is called to terminate array 4. 1..3 is repeated for any subsequent condition blocks 5. done() is called to terminate all action passing
SWFFileSignature: Interface for passing the SWF file signature. This allows the new Flash 6/MX Compressed File signature to be specified. If this interface is not implemented, or the signature(..) method is not called then the assumption is that the file signature is the normal, non-compressed, one.
FontDefinition: A Font Definition that can referenced by Font symbols. If read in from an existing Flash movie the font definition may only contain a subset of the glyphs in the font. To use a system font set the hasMetrics flag to false.
Placement: A Placement holds the transformation and other values relating to the "placement" of a Symbol Instance within a particular frame. They can also denote an "UndefineSymbol" operation.
ImportedSymbol: A Symbol that is to be imported (within the Player) from another Flash movie. The import/export feature only works with Flash version 5 and up.
Image: Base class for Image symbols. Note that Images cannot be placed directly on the stage - they have to be used as image fills for shapes.
EditField: An Edit Field Symbol. In order to limit the chars in the field use a separate font and only load those glyphs that are required.
Font: A Font Symbol. The Font references a FontDefinition object from which it takes the glyph definitions it needs.
SWFReader: Reads a SWF input stream and drives the SWFTags interface. Automatically decompresses the file if necessary.
SWFTagTypesImpl: A pass-through implementation of the SWFTagTypes and SWFFileSignature interfaces - useful as a base class
DummySWFWriter: Implements the SWFTags interface and does nothing Use as a sink when output is not required
ActionWriter: A writer that implements the SWFActions interface and writes action bytes to an OutStream
Unprotector: Utility to unprotect a SWF. First arg is input filename. Second arg is output filename.
ActionTextWriter: A writer that implements the SWFActions interface and writes actions to a text format
TagWriter: A writer that implements the SWFTagTypes interface and writes to a SWFTags interface
SWFShape: Interface for passing shape style information in addition to the basic vectors.
SWFSpriteTagTypes: Interface for passing SWF tag types that can be used in a movie or a sprite
SWFWriter: Implements the SWFTags interface and writes a SWF file to the output stream
MovieBuilder: An implementation of the SWFTagTypes interface that builds a Movie object

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