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Package Samples:



CompressedOutputStream: Essentially, CompressedOutputStream is much like DeflaterOutputStream with these differences: 1) CompressedOutputStream "finishes" the compressed output every time a 'flush' operation is performed. The stream remains open, however. After a flush, the compression is reset. This allows one to call flush() and have the stream truly flush all compressed data. flush() may be called as often as necessary. Note, that since flush() restarts the compression, it is much more effecient to call flush as few times as possible (in other words, send as much data as possible before calling flush). In most cases, ...
ExampleFileFilter: A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about. Extensions are of the type ".foo", which is typically found on Windows and Unix boxes, but not on Macinthosh. Case is ignored. Example - create a new filter that filerts out all files but gif and jpg image files: JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser(); ExampleFileFilter filter = new ExampleFileFilter( new String{"gif", "jpg"}, "JPEG & GIF Images") chooser.addChoosableFileFilter(filter); chooser.showOpenDialog(this);
JarlObjectView: JarlObjectView is going to create a new view everytime the JarlContextModel.INITIALIZED > JarlContextModel.INITIALIZED 55 is fired
JarlSPRuntime: ISPRuntime created on Jan 17, 2003 This is used to provide a runtime environment for an JarlSPBase
Painter: Painter gradually changes colored paints from the start paint to the end paint. It would be nice if you could chain these together maybe... Required attributes: startColor or startColorData endColor or endColorData
PositionPath: PositionPath is similar to position, but places the widget on the current position of another shape... In other words, if the shape is an ellipse, the motion path of the widget will follow the ellipse
ShellConfig: ShellConfig maintains a property bag for the jarl shell app. Usage: ShellConfig config = new ShellConfig(); config.getProperties().setProperty("foo", "bar");;
JarlShellFrame: JarlShellFrame is an abstraction for either a javax.swing.JFrame or a javax.swing.JInternalFrame
BaseMSP: BaseMSP serves as a handy base class and many of these are the based on the s
Position: Position Required params are either: pos: x%, y% (eg 5%, 7%) or startPos, endPos For example: <traitDef name="upperLeft" class="Position" pos="7%, 5%" />
Rotate: Rotate will rotate a widget Required params: startAngle endAngle For example: <traitDef name="oneCircle" class="Rotate" startAngle="0" endAngle="360" />
Text: Text draws text on the screen. Required attributes: (should be percentages: eg. 10%) width height text fontName fontSize fontStyle (PLAIN, BOLD, ITALIC)
Resize: Resize will resize the widget relative to the screen size. Required attributes: (should be percentages: eg. 10%) startWidth startHeight endWidth endHeight
Context: Context is the concrete implementation of IContext
GZipOutputStreamEx: This class essentially copies sources of original GZIPOutputStream, just adds ability to pass in desired compression level into constructor
Precision: Precision will draw the shape with various preciseness. It can make rectangles our of circles for instance...
IContext: IContext describes the rendering context including: Current time Rendering preferences Rendering hints
RotationPainter: RotationPainter will cycle through the colors in a gradient one color per frame, or at the rate passed it
ImageUtil: ImageUtil created on Feb 23, 2003 Taken from
BaseSegmentTrait: BaseSegmentTrait this is for traits that are segment enabled It just provides some helper functions
Rectangle: Rectangle draws a rectangle. Required attributes: (should be percentages: eg. 10%) width height
Fractal: Fractal creates a mandelbrot fractal. note, this currently will ignore traits, strokes & filters...
Time: Time is the abstraction for time. Don't know if this is frames, or seconds, or measures, or what...

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