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public class: XAException [javadoc | source]

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The XAException is thrown by the Resource Manager (RM) to inform the Transaction Manager of an error encountered by the involved transaction.
Field Summary
public  int errorCode    The error code with which to create the SystemException.
    serial: The - error code for the exception
public static final  int XA_RBBASE    The inclusive lower bound of the rollback codes. 
public static final  int XA_RBROLLBACK    Indicates that the rollback was caused by an unspecified reason. 
public static final  int XA_RBCOMMFAIL    Indicates that the rollback was caused by a communication failure. 
public static final  int XA_RBDEADLOCK    A deadlock was detected. 
public static final  int XA_RBINTEGRITY    A condition that violates the integrity of the resource was detected. 
public static final  int XA_RBOTHER    The resource manager rolled back the transaction branch for a reason not on this list. 
public static final  int XA_RBPROTO    A protocol error occurred in the resource manager. 
public static final  int XA_RBTIMEOUT    A transaction branch took too long. 
public static final  int XA_RBTRANSIENT    May retry the transaction branch. 
public static final  int XA_RBEND    The inclusive upper bound of the rollback error code. 
public static final  int XA_NOMIGRATE    Resumption must occur where the suspension occurred. 
public static final  int XA_HEURHAZ    The transaction branch may have been heuristically completed. 
public static final  int XA_HEURCOM    The transaction branch has been heuristically committed. 
public static final  int XA_HEURRB    The transaction branch has been heuristically rolled back. 
public static final  int XA_HEURMIX    The transaction branch has been heuristically committed and rolled back. 
public static final  int XA_RETRY    Routine returned with no effect and may be reissued. 
public static final  int XA_RDONLY    The transaction branch was read-only and has been committed. 
public static final  int XAER_ASYNC    There is an asynchronous operation already outstanding. 
public static final  int XAER_RMERR    A resource manager error has occurred in the transaction branch. 
public static final  int XAER_NOTA    The XID is not valid. 
public static final  int XAER_INVAL    Invalid arguments were given. 
public static final  int XAER_PROTO    Routine was invoked in an inproper context. 
public static final  int XAER_RMFAIL    Resource manager is unavailable. 
public static final  int XAER_DUPID    The XID already exists. 
public static final  int XAER_OUTSIDE    The resource manager is doing work outside a global transaction. 
Fields inherited from java.lang.Exception:
 public XAException() 
 public XAException(String s) 
    Create an XAException with a given string.
    s - The String object containing the exception message.
 public XAException(int errcode) 
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