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Sub Packages:

javax.xml.bind.annotation   Defines annotations for customizing Java program elements to XML Schema mapping.  
javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters   javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters.XmlAdapter and its spec-defined sub-classes to allow arbitrary Java classes to be used with JAXB.  
javax.xml.bind.attachment   This package is implemented by a MIME-based package processor that enables the interpretation and creation of optimized binary data within an MIME-based package format.  
javax.xml.bind.helpers   JAXB Provider Use Only: Provides partial default implementations for some of the javax.xml.bind interfaces.  
javax.xml.bind.util   Useful client utility classes.  



The DatatypeConverterInterface is for JAXB provider use only. 

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Element   This is an element marker interface.  code | html

The Marshaller class is responsible for governing the process of serializing Java content trees back into XML data. 

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NotIdentifiableEvent   This event indicates that a problem was encountered resolving an ID/IDREF.  code | html
ParseConversionEvent   This event indicates that a problem was encountered while converting a string from the XML data into a value of the target Java data type.  code | html
PrintConversionEvent   This event indicates that a problem was encountered while converting data from the Java content tree into its lexical representation.  code | html
Unmarshaller   The Unmarshaller class governs the process of deserializing XML data into newly created Java content trees, optionally validating the XML data as it is unmarshalled.  code | html
UnmarshallerHandler   Unmarshaller implemented as SAX ContentHandler.  code | html
ValidationEvent   This event indicates that a problem was encountered while validating the incoming XML data during an unmarshal operation, while performing on-demand validation of the Java content tree, or while marshalling the Java content tree back to XML data.  code | html
ValidationEventHandler   A basic event handler interface for validation errors.  code | html
ValidationEventLocator   Encapsulate the location of a ValidationEvent.  code | html
Validator   As of JAXB 2.0, this class is deprecated and optional.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Binder   Enable synchronization between XML infoset nodes and JAXB objects representing same XML document.  code | html

The JAXBContext class provides the client's entry point to the JAXB API. 

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JAXBIntrospector   Provide access to JAXB xml binding data for a JAXB object.  code | html

Register an instance of an implementation of this class with a Marshaller to externally listen for marshal events. 

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SchemaOutputResolver   Controls where a JAXB implementation puts the generates schema files.  code | html

Register an instance of an implementation of this class with Unmarshaller to externally listen for unmarshal events. 

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WhiteSpaceProcessor   Processes white space normalization.  code | html


ContextFinder   This class is package private and therefore is not exposed as part of the JAXB API.  code | html
DataBindingException   Exception that represents a failure in a JAXB operation.  code | html

The javaType binding declaration can be used to customize the binding of an XML schema datatype to a Java datatype. 

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DatatypeConverterImpl   This class is the JAXB RI's default implementation of the DatatypeConverterInterface code | html
DatatypeConverterImpl.CalendarFormatter     code | html
GetPropertyAction   PrivilegedAction that gets the system property value.  code | html
JAXB   Class that defines convenience methods for common, simple use of JAXB.  code | html
JAXB.Cache   To improve the performance, we'll cache the last JAXBContext used.  code | html

JAXB representation of an Xml Element.

This class represents information about an Xml Element from both the element declaration within a schema and the element instance value within an xml document with the following properties

  • element's xml tag name
  • value represents the element instance's atttribute(s) and content model
  • element declaration's declaredType (xs:element @type attribute)
  • scope of element declaration
  • boolean nil property. 
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JAXBElement.GlobalScope   Designates global scope for an xml element.  code | html
JAXBException   This is the root exception class for all JAXB exceptions.  code | html
MarshalException   This exception indicates that an error has occurred while performing a marshal operation that the provider is unable to recover from.  code | html
Messages   Formats error messages.  code | html
PropertyException   This exception indicates that an error was encountered while getting or setting a property.  code | html
TypeConstraintException   This exception indicates that a violation of a dynamically checked type constraint was detected.  code | html
UnmarshalException   This exception indicates that an error has occurred while performing an unmarshal operation that prevents the JAXB Provider from completing the operation.  code | html
ValidationException   This exception indicates that an error has occurred while performing a validate operation.  code | html