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Sub Packages:



BulkResponse   Contains the response of a method in the API that performs a bulk operation and returns a bulk response.  code | html
BusinessLifeCycleManager     code | html
BusinessQueryManager     code | html
CapabilityProfile     code | html
Connection     code | html
DeclarativeQueryManager     code | html
FederatedConnection     code | html
FindQualifier   FindQualifier provides various constants that identify options that effect find method behavior.  code | html
JAXRResponse   A JAXR requests' response.  code | html
LifeCycleManager     code | html
Query     code | html
QueryManager   This is the common base interface for all QueryManagers in the API.  code | html
RegistryService     code | html

Abstract Classes:

ConnectionFactory   This is the abstract base class for factory classes for creating a JAXR connection.  code | html


ConnectionFactoryTest.MockFactory     code | html
DeleteException     code | html
FindException     code | html
InvalidRequestException     code | html
JAXRException     code | html
RegistryException     code | html
SaveException     code | html
UnexpectedObjectException     code | html
UnsupportedCapabilityException     code | html

All Test Cases:

ConnectionFactoryTest     code | html