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public final class: CLOption [javadoc | source]
Basic class describing an instance of option.
Field Summary
public static final  int TEXT_ARGUMENT    Value of CLOptionDescriptor#getId when the option is a text argument. 
 public CLOption(CLOptionDescriptor descriptor) 
    Constructor taking an descriptor
    descriptor - the descriptor iff null, will default to a "text argument" descriptor.
 public CLOption(String argument) 
    Constructor taking argument for option.
    argument - the argument
Method from org.apache.commons.cli.avalon.CLOption Summary:
addArgument,   getArgument,   getArgument,   getArgumentCount,   getDescriptor,   toShortString,   toString
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Method from org.apache.commons.cli.avalon.CLOption Detail:
 public final  void addArgument(String argument) 
    Mutator of Argument property.
 public final String getArgument() 
    Retrieve argument to option if it takes arguments.
 public final String getArgument(int index) 
    Retrieve indexed argument to option if it takes arguments.
 public final int getArgumentCount() 
    Get number of arguments.
 public final CLOptionDescriptor getDescriptor() 
 final String toShortString() 
 public final String toString() 
    Convert to String.