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public class: XAXactId [javadoc | source]

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The XAXactId class is a specific implementation of the JTA Xid interface. It is only used by the TransactionTable.restore() interface to return an array of Xid's back to the caller, as part of serving the XAresource.restore() interface.

It is NOT the object that is stored in the log. One reason for this is that the Formattable and Xid interface's define two different return values for the getFormatId() interface.
Fields inherited from org.apache.derby.iapi.store.access.GlobalXact:
format_id,  global_id,  branch_id
 public XAXactId(Xid xid) throws XAException 
    Construct an Xid using an external Xid.

    XAException - invalid external xid
    exception: XAException - invalid external xid
 public XAXactId(String xactIdString) 
 public XAXactId(int format_id,
    byte[] global_id,
    byte[] branch_id) 
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equals,   getBranchQualifier,   getFormatId,   getGlobalTransactionId,   toHexString
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Method from org.apache.derby.iapi.store.access.xa.XAXactId Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object other) 
 public byte[] getBranchQualifier() 
    Obtain the transaction branch qualifier part of the Xid in a byte array.

 public int getFormatId() 
    Obtain the format id part of the Xid.

 public byte[] getGlobalTransactionId() 
    Obtain the global transaction identifier part of XID as an array of bytes.

 public String toHexString()