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public class: ResourceAdapterImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ModuleControl, ResourceAdapter

Method from org.apache.derby.jdbc.ResourceAdapterImpl Summary:
addConnection,   boot,   cancelXATransaction,   findConnection,   getXAResourceManager,   isActive,   removeConnection,   stop
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Method from org.apache.derby.jdbc.ResourceAdapterImpl Detail:
 public synchronized boolean addConnection(XAXactId xid,
    Object conn) 
 public  void boot(boolean create,
    Properties properties) throws StandardException 
 public  void cancelXATransaction(XAXactId xid,
    String messageId) throws XAException 
 public synchronized Object findConnection(XAXactId xid) 
 public XAResourceManager getXAResourceManager() 
    Return the XA Resource manager to the XA Connection
 public boolean isActive() 
 public synchronized Object removeConnection(XAXactId xid) 
 public  void stop()