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public class: CharMetric [javadoc | source]
This class represents a single character metric.
Method from org.apache.fontbox.afm.CharMetric Summary:
addLigature,   getBoundingBox,   getCharacterCode,   getLigatures,   getName,   getVv,   getW,   getW0,   getW0x,   getW0y,   getW1,   getW1x,   getW1y,   getWx,   getWy,   setBoundingBox,   setCharacterCode,   setLigatures,   setName,   setVv,   setW,   setW0,   setW0x,   setW0y,   setW1,   setW1x,   setW1y,   setWx,   setWy
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.afm.CharMetric Detail:
 public  void addLigature(Ligature ligature) 
    This will add an entry to the list of ligatures.
 public BoundingBox getBoundingBox() 
    Getter for property boundingBox.
 public int getCharacterCode() 
    Getter for property characterCode.
 public List<Ligature> getLigatures() 
    Getter for property ligatures.
 public String getName() 
    Getter for property name.
 public float[] getVv() 
    Getter for property vv.
 public float[] getW() 
    Getter for property w.
 public float[] getW0() 
    Getter for property w0.
 public float getW0x() 
    Getter for property w0x.
 public float getW0y() 
    Getter for property w0y.
 public float[] getW1() 
    Getter for property w1.
 public float getW1x() 
    Getter for property w1x.
 public float getW1y() 
    Getter for property w1y.
 public float getWx() 
    Getter for property wx.
 public float getWy() 
    Getter for property wy.
 public  void setBoundingBox(BoundingBox bBox) 
    Setter for property boundingBox.
 public  void setCharacterCode(int cCode) 
    Setter for property characterCode.
 public  void setLigatures(List<Ligature> lig) 
    Setter for property ligatures.
 public  void setName(String n) 
    Setter for property name.
 public  void setVv(float[] vvValue) 
    Setter for property vv.
 public  void setW(float[] wValue) 
    Setter for property w.
 public  void setW0(float[] w0Value) 
    Setter for property w0.
 public  void setW0x(float w0xValue) 
    Setter for property w0x.
 public  void setW0y(float w0yValue) 
    Setter for property w0y.
 public  void setW1(float[] w1Value) 
    Setter for property w1.
 public  void setW1x(float w1xValue) 
    Setter for property w1x.
 public  void setW1y(float w1yValue) 
    Setter for property w1y.
 public  void setWx(float wxValue) 
    Setter for property wx.
 public  void setWy(float wyValue) 
    Setter for property wy.