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public class: BoundingBox [javadoc | source]
This is an implementation of a bounding box. This was originally written for the AMF parser.
Method from org.apache.fontbox.util.BoundingBox Summary:
contains,   contains,   getHeight,   getLowerLeftX,   getLowerLeftY,   getUpperRightX,   getUpperRightY,   getWidth,   setLowerLeftX,   setLowerLeftY,   setUpperRightX,   setUpperRightY,   toString
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.util.BoundingBox Detail:
 public boolean contains(Point point) 
    Checks if a point is inside this rectangle.
 public boolean contains(float x,
    float y) 
    Checks if a point is inside this rectangle.
 public float getHeight() 
    This will get the height of this rectangle as calculated by upperRightY - lowerLeftY.
 public float getLowerLeftX() 
    Getter for property lowerLeftX.
 public float getLowerLeftY() 
    Getter for property lowerLeftY.
 public float getUpperRightX() 
    Getter for property upperRightX.
 public float getUpperRightY() 
    Getter for property upperRightY.
 public float getWidth() 
    This will get the width of this rectangle as calculated by upperRightX - lowerLeftX.
 public  void setLowerLeftX(float lowerLeftXValue) 
    Setter for property lowerLeftX.
 public  void setLowerLeftY(float lowerLeftYValue) 
    Setter for property lowerLeftY.
 public  void setUpperRightX(float upperRightXValue) 
    Setter for property upperRightX.
 public  void setUpperRightY(float upperRightYValue) 
    Setter for property upperRightY.
 public String toString() 
    This will return a string representation of this rectangle.