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AutoIncrementTable   Handles the case where an arbitrary SQL statement is executed, and the JDBC driver returns a new automatically generated ID.  code | html
CustomGenerator   Handles a user-provided generator.  code | html
DatabaseGenerated   Indicates that the database automatically populates a primary key ID in the listed column(s).  code | html

Java class for emptyType complex type. 

code | html
KeyGenerator   Primary Key generation element.  code | html
ObjectFactory   This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.apache.openejb.xml.ns.pkgen_2 package.  code | html
SequenceTable   Indicates that a separate table holds a list of table name/ID pairs and the server should fetch the next ID from that table.  code | html
SqlGenerator   Indicates that an arbitrary SQL statement should be used to generate the next ID.  code | html