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Java class for adminobject-instanceType complex type. 

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AdminobjectType   reference back into standard dd

Java class for adminobjectType complex type. 

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ConfigPropertySettingType   The config-property-settingType contains a name-value pair for a config-property or required-config-property

Java class for config-property-settingType complex type. 

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ConnectionDefinitionType   The connection-definitionType defines a set of connection interfaces and classes pertaining to a particular connection type.  code | html

Java class for connectiondefinition-instanceType complex type. 

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ConnectionmanagerType   The ConnectionManager configuration.  code | html
ConnectorType   The connectorType defines a resource adapter.  code | html

Java class for descriptionType complex type. 

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Java class for emptyType complex type. 

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ObjectFactory   This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.apache.geronimo.xml.ns.j2ee.connector_1 package.  code | html
OutboundResourceadapterType   The outbound-resourceadapterType specifies information about an outbound resource adapter.  code | html

Java class for partitionedpoolType complex type. 

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ResourceadapterInstanceType   The resourceadapter instance info is put in a separate optional element to provide easier more consistent support for 1.0 adapters.  code | html

Java class for resourceadapterType complex type. 

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Java class for singlepoolType complex type. 

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Java class for xatransactionType complex type. 

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