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I18NHelper   Helper class for constructing messages from bundles.  code | html
JDOJdk14Logger   JDO-specific subclass of the apache commons logging Log implementation that wraps the standard JDK 1.4 logging.  code | html
JDORIVersion   Helper class to handle properties object with version number and vendor name.  code | html
Pool   A general purpose pooling class.  code | html
StringHelper   Helper class providing string utility methods.  code | html
WeakHashSet   A weak HashSet.  code | html
WeakHashSet.WeakElement   A WeakHashSet stores objects of class WeakElement.  code | html
WeakValueHashMap   A WeakValueHashMap is implemented as a HashMap that maps keys to WeakValues.  code | html
WeakValueHashMap.Entry   Internal class for entries.  code | html
WeakValueHashMap.EntrySet   Internal class for entry sets to unwrap/wrap WeakValues stored in the map.  code | html
WeakValueHashMap.WeakValue   We need this special class to keep the backward reference from the value to the key, so that we are able to remove the key if the value is garbage collected.  code | html