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Sub Packages:

org.apache.jmeter.assertions.gui   Assertions Methods to be implemented getResult(SampleResult) Calling sequence When the test plan is prepared for running, one instance of the class is created for each occurrence of an assertion in each thread. Assertions are called from the same thread as the sampler  


Assertion   An Assertion checks a SampleResult to determine whether or not it is successful.  code | html


AssertionResult   Implements Response Assertion checking.  code | html
BSFAssertion     code | html
BSFAssertionBeanInfo     code | html
BeanShellAssertion   A sampler which understands BeanShell  code | html
DurationAssertion   Checks if an Sample is sampled within a specified time-frame.  code | html
HTMLAssertion   Assertion to validate the response of a Sample with Tidy.  code | html
MD5HexAssertion   MD5HexAssertion class creates an MD5 checksum from the response
and matches it with the MD5 hex provided. 
code | html
ResponseAssertion   Test element to handle Response Assertions, @see AssertionGui  code | html
SizeAssertion   Checks if the results of a Sample matches a particular size.  code | html
XMLAssertion   Checks if the result is a well-formed XML content using jdom  code | html
XMLSchemaAssertion   XMLSchemaAssertion.java Validate response against an XML Schema author Dave Maung  code | html
XMLSchemaAssertion.SAXErrorHandler   SAXErrorHandler class  code | html
XPathAssertion   Checks if the result is a well-formed XML content and whether it matches an XPath  code | html

All Test Cases:

XMLSchemaAssertionTest     code | html