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NoThreadClone   Implement this method-less interface to indicate your test element should not be cloned for each thread in a test run.  code | html
ValueTransformer     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractTransformer     code | html


CompoundVariable   CompoundFunction.  code | html
DisabledComponentRemover     code | html
FunctionParser   Parses function / variable references of the form ${functionName[([var[,var...]])]} and ${variableName}  code | html
ReplaceFunctionsWithStrings   Transforms strings into variable references (in spite of the name, which suggests the opposite!)  code | html
ReplaceStringWithFunctions     code | html
SimpleVariable     code | html
UndoVariableReplacement     code | html
ValueReplacer   Perfom replacement of ${variable} references.  code | html

All Test Cases:

PackageTest     code | html