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BSFPostProcessor     code | html
BSFPostProcessorBeanInfo     code | html
BeanShellPostProcessor     code | html
BeanShellPostProcessorBeanInfo     code | html
DebugPostProcessor   Debugging Post-Processor: creates a subSample containing the variables defined in the previous sampler.  code | html
DebugPostProcessorBeanInfo     code | html
RegexExtractor     code | html
XPathExtractor   Extracts text from (X)HTML response using XPath query language Example XPath queries:
extracts Title from HTML response
//form[@name='countryForm']//select[@name='country']/option[text()='Czech Republic'])/@value
extracts value attribute of option element that match text 'Czech Republic' inside of select element with name attribute 'country' inside of form with name attribute 'countryForm'
code | html