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public interface: Function [javadoc | source] Methods that a function must implement
Method from org.apache.jmeter.functions.Function Summary:
execute,   getArgumentDesc,   getReferenceKey,   setParameters
Method from org.apache.jmeter.functions.Function Detail:
 public String execute(SampleResult previousResult,
    Sampler currentSampler) throws InvalidVariableException
    Given the previous SampleResult and the current Sampler, return a string to use as a replacement value for the function call. Assume "setParameter" was previously called. This method must be threadsafe - multiple threads will be using the same object.
 public List getArgumentDesc()
    Return a list of strings briefly describing each parameter your function takes. Please use JMeterUtils.getResString(resource_name) to grab a resource string. Otherwise, your help text will be difficult to internationalize. This list is not optional. If you don't wish to write help, you must at least return a List containing the correct number of blank strings, one for each argument.
 public String getReferenceKey()
    Return the name of your function. Convention is to prepend "__" to the name (ie "__regexFunction")
 public  void setParameters(Collection parameters) throws InvalidVariableException
    A collection of the parameters used to configure your function. Each parameter is a CompoundFunction and can be resolved by calling the execute() method of the CompoundFunction (which should be done at execution.)