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public class: FtpClient [javadoc | source]
Simple FTP client (non-passive transfers don't work yet). Kind of a hack, lots of room for optimizations.
Nested Class Summary:
public class  FtpClient.dataGrabber  Grabs the data from the dataport. 
Field Summary
 BufferedWriter out     
 BufferedReader in     
 Socket s     
 boolean passive     
static  int port     
static  int dataPort     
 public FtpClient() 
Method from org.apache.jmeter.protocol.ftp.sampler.FtpClient Summary:
connect,   disconnect,   get,   getLower,   getPort,   getResponse,   getUpper,   send,   setPassive
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Method from org.apache.jmeter.protocol.ftp.sampler.FtpClient Detail:
 public  void connect(String host,
    String username,
    String password) throws Exception 
    Connect to server.
 public  void disconnect() 
    Disconnect from the server
 public String get(String file) throws Exception 
    Get a file from the server.
 public static int getLower(int lport) 
    Gets the Lower attribute of the FtpClient class.
 public static int getPort(int upper,
    int lower) 
    Gets the Port attribute of the FtpClient class.
 public String getResponse() throws IOException 
    Get a file from the server.
 public static int getUpper(int lport) 
    Gets the Upper attribute of the FtpClient class.
 public  void send(String command) throws IOException 
    Send a command to the server.
 public  void setPassive(boolean flag) 
    Set passive mode.