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Sub Packages:



AuthManager   This class provides a way to provide Authorization in jmeter requests.  code | html
Authorization   This class is an Authorization encapsulator.  code | html
CacheManager   Handles HTTP Caching  code | html
CacheManager.CacheEntry     code | html
Cookie   This class is a Cookie encapsulator.  code | html
CookieManager   This class provides an interface to the netscape cookies file to pass cookies along with a request.  code | html
Header   This class is an HTTP Header encapsulator.  code | html
HeaderManager   This class provides an interface to headers file to pass HTTP headers along with a request.  code | html
HttpMirrorControl   Test element that implements the Workbench HTTP Mirror function  code | html
HttpMirrorServer   Server daemon thread.  code | html
HttpMirrorThread   Thread to handle one client request.  code | html
RecordingController     code | html