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Sub Packages:



HTTPConstantsInterface   Constants used in HTTP, mainly header names.  code | html


Base64Encoder   This class provides an implementation of Base64 encoding without relying on the the sun.* packages.  code | html
ConversionUtils   General purpose conversion utilities related to HTTP/HTML  code | html
DOMPool   The purpose of this class is to cache the DOM Documents in memory and by-pass parsing.  code | html
EncoderCache     code | html
HTTPArgument     code | html
HTTPConstants   Constants used in HTTP, mainly header names.  code | html
HTTPFileArg   Class representing a file parameter for http upload.  code | html
HTTPFileArgs   A set of HTTPFileArg objects.  code | html
HTTPResultConverter   Class for XStream conversion of HTTPResult  code | html
LoopbackHTTPSocket     code | html
LoopbackHTTPSocket.LoopBackInputStream     code | html
LoopbackHTTPSocket.LoopbackOutputStream     code | html
LoopbackHttpClientSocketFactory   HttpClient protocol factory to generate Loopback HTTP sockets  code | html
SlowHttpClientSocketFactory   HttpClient protocol factory to generate "slow" sockets for emulating dial-up modems  code | html
WSDLException   Created on: Jun 3, 2003
code | html
WSDLHelper   For now I use DOM for WSDLHelper, but it would be more efficient to use JAXB to generate an object model for WSDL and use it to perform serialization and deserialization.  code | html