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JavaSamplerClient   This interface defines the interactions between the JavaSampler and external Java programs which can be executed by JMeter.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractJavaSamplerClient   An abstract implementation of the JavaSamplerClient interface.  code | html


BSFSampler   A sampler which understands BSF  code | html
BeanShellSampler   A sampler which understands BeanShell  code | html
JUnitSampler   This is a basic implementation that runs a single test method of a JUnit test case.  code | html
JavaSampler   A sampler for executing custom Java code in each sample.  code | html
JavaSampler.ErrorSamplerClient   A JavaSamplerClient implementation used for error handling.  code | html
JavaSamplerContext   JavaSamplerContext is used to provide context information to a JavaSamplerClient implementation.  code | html