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QueueExecutor   Executor for (pseudo) synchronous communication.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseJMSSampler   BaseJMSSampler is an abstract class which provides implementation for common properties.  code | html


FixedQueueExecutor   Request/reply executor with a fixed reply queue.  code | html
JMSSampler   This class implements the JMS Point-to-Point sampler  code | html
MessageAdmin   Administration of messages.  code | html
PlaceHolder     code | html
PublisherSampler   This class implements the JMS Publisher sampler.  code | html
Receiver   Receiver of pseudo-synchronous reply messages.  code | html
SubscriberSampler   This class implements the JMS Subcriber sampler  code | html
TemporaryQueueExecutor   Request/reply executor with a temporary reply queue.  code | html