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public class: LdapClient [javadoc | source]
Ldap Client class is main class to create, modify, search and delete all the LDAP functionality available.
 public LdapClient() 
Method from org.apache.jmeter.protocol.ldap.sampler.LdapClient Summary:
connect,   createTest,   deleteTest,   disconnect,   modifyTest,   searchTest
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Method from org.apache.jmeter.protocol.ldap.sampler.LdapClient Detail:
 public  void connect(String host,
    String port,
    String rootdn,
    String username,
    String password) throws NamingException 
    Connect to server.
 public  void createTest(BasicAttributes basicattributes,
    String string) throws NamingException 
    Create the attribute in the ldap directory for the given string.
 public  void deleteTest(String string) throws NamingException 
    Delete the attribute from the ldap directory.
 public  void disconnect() 
    Disconnect from the server.
 public  void modifyTest(ModificationItem[] mods,
    String string) throws NamingException 
    Modify the attribute in the ldap directory for the given string.
 public boolean searchTest(String searchBase,
    String searchFilter) throws NamingException 
    Filter the data in the ldap directory for the given search base.