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Sub Packages:



PageSummary   PageSummary defines the summary of a report page and the runtime information for debugging and logging purposes.  code | html
ReportSummary   The purpose of ReportSummary is to provide a detailed description of the reports generated, how long it took and where the generated files are located.  code | html
ReportWriter   ReportWriter defines the basic operations of a report writer.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractReportWriter   The abstract report writer provides the common implementation for subclasses to reuse.  code | html


DefaultPageSummary   This is a basic implementation of PageSummary interface.  code | html
DefaultReportSummary   The default implementation of ReportSummary just contains the stats and basic information.  code | html
HTMLReportWriter   HTMLReportWriter is a basic report writer that produces HTML pages.  code | html