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public class: Summariser [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    SampleListener, TestListener, Remoteable, NoThreadClone, Serializable, TestElement

Generate a summary of the test run so far to the log file and/or standard output. Both running and differential totals are shown. Output is generated every n seconds (default 3 minutes) on the appropriate time boundary, so that multiple test runs on the same time will be synchronised. This is mainly intended for batch (non-GUI) runs Note that the RunningSample start and end times relate to the samples, not the reporting interval. Since the first sample in a delta is likely to have started in the previous reporting interval, this means that the delta interval is likely to be longer than the reporting interval. Also, the sum of the delta intervals will be larger than the overall elapsed time. Data is accumulated according to the test element name.
 public Summariser() 
 public Summariser(String name) 
    Constructor for use during startup (intended for non-GUI use)
    name - of summariser
Method from org.apache.jmeter.reporters.Summariser Summary:
sampleOccurred,   sampleStarted,   sampleStopped,   testEnded,   testEnded,   testIterationStart,   testStarted,   testStarted
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Method from org.apache.jmeter.reporters.Summariser Detail:
 public  void sampleOccurred(SampleEvent e) 
    Accumulates the sample in two SampleResult objects - one for running totals, and the other for deltas.
 public  void sampleStarted(SampleEvent e) 
 public  void sampleStopped(SampleEvent e) 
 public  void testEnded() 
 public  void testEnded(String host) 
 public  void testIterationStart(LoopIterationEvent event) 
 public  void testStarted() 
 public  void testStarted(String host)