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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

AbstractListenerElement   Base class for Listeners  code | html


FileReporter   This class loads data from a saved file and displays statistics about it.  code | html
FileReporter.GraphPanel   Graph panel generates all the panels for this reporter.  code | html
MailerModel   The model for a MailerVisualizer.  code | html
MailerResultCollector     code | html
ResultAction   ResultAction - take action based on the status of the last Result  code | html
ResultCollector   This class handles all saving of samples.  code | html
ResultCollector.FileEntry     code | html
ResultCollectorHelper   Helper class to allow TestResultWrapperConverter to send samples directly to the visualiser if required.  code | html
ResultSaver   Save Result responseData to a set of files This is mainly intended for validation tests  code | html
ResultSaver.Counter     code | html
Summariser   Generate a summary of the test run so far to the log file and/or standard output.  code | html
Summariser.Totals     code | html