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Sub Packages:



DataSource   TODO - does not appear to be used ...  code | html
SaveServiceConstants   This interface defines a number of constants used in the properties file that is used to indicate which portions of the results will be stored in the results files.  code | html


CSVSaveService   This class provides a means for saving/reading test results as CSV files.  code | html
ListenerResultWrapper   ListenerResultWrapper is for calculated results generated by listeners like aggregate listener and monitor listener.  code | html
OldSaveService   This class saves/restores the original Avalon XML format (not used by default).  code | html
SaveGraphicsService   Class is responsible for taking a component and saving it as a JPEG, PNG or TIFF.  code | html
SaveService   Handles setting up XStream serialisation.  code | html
SaveService.XStreamWrapper     code | html
ScriptWrapper     code | html
ScriptWrapperConverter   Handles XStream conversion of Test Scripts  code | html
TestElementSaver   Helper class for OldSaveService  code | html
TestResultWrapper     code | html

All Test Cases:

TestSaveService     code | html