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abstract public class: BeanInfoSupport [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    BSFAssertionBeanInfo, DataSourceElementBeanInfo, BSFPostProcessorBeanInfo, Example2BeanInfo, DebugSamplerBeanInfo, BSFListenerBeanInfo, BeanShellBeanInfoSupport, AccessLogSamplerBeanInfo, RandomVariableConfigBeanInfo, BeanShellPostProcessorBeanInfo, BSFBeanInfoSupport, DebugPostProcessorBeanInfo, BeanShellTimerBeanInfo, BeanShellListenerBeanInfo, JDBCSamplerBeanInfo, BeanShellPreProcessorBeanInfo, ConstantThroughputTimerBeanInfo, BSFPreProcessorBeanInfo, CSVDataSetBeanInfo, SyncTimerBeanInfo

Support class for test bean beanInfo objects. It will help using the introspector to get most of the information, to then modify it at will.

To use, subclass it, create a subclass with a parameter-less constructor that:

  1. Calls super(beanClass)
  2. Modifies the property descriptors, bean descriptor, etc. at will.

Even before any such modifications, a resource bundle named xxxResources (where xxx is the fully qualified bean class name) will be obtained if available and used to localize the following:

The resource bundle will be stored as the bean descriptor's "resourceBundle" attribute, so that it can be used for further localization. TestBeanGUI, for example, uses it to obtain the group's display names from properties groupName.displayName.

Field Summary
public static final  String TAGS     
public static final  String NOT_UNDEFINED     
public static final  String NOT_EXPRESSION     
public static final  String NOT_OTHER     
public static final  String DEFAULT     
public static final  String RESOURCE_BUNDLE     
 protected BeanInfoSupport(Class beanClass) 
    Construct a BeanInfo for the given class.
Method from org.apache.jmeter.testbeans.BeanInfoSupport Summary:
createPropertyGroup,   getAdditionalBeanInfo,   getBeanDescriptor,   getDefaultEventIndex,   getDefaultPropertyIndex,   getEventSetDescriptors,   getIcon,   getMethodDescriptors,   getPropertyDescriptors,   property,   setIcon
Methods from java.beans.SimpleBeanInfo:
getAdditionalBeanInfo,   getBeanDescriptor,   getDefaultEventIndex,   getDefaultPropertyIndex,   getEventSetDescriptors,   getIcon,   getMethodDescriptors,   getPropertyDescriptors,   loadImage
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.jmeter.testbeans.BeanInfoSupport Detail:
 protected  void createPropertyGroup(String group,
    String[] names) 
    Utility method to group and order properties.

    It will assing the given group name to each of the named properties, and set their order attribute so that they are shown in the given order.

    The created groups will get order 1, 2, 3,... in the order in which they are created.

 public BeanInfo[] getAdditionalBeanInfo() 
 public BeanDescriptor getBeanDescriptor() 
 public int getDefaultEventIndex() 
 public int getDefaultPropertyIndex() 
 public EventSetDescriptor[] getEventSetDescriptors() 
 public Image getIcon(int iconKind) 
 public MethodDescriptor[] getMethodDescriptors() 
 public PropertyDescriptor[] getPropertyDescriptors() 
 protected PropertyDescriptor property(String name) 
    Get the property descriptor for the property of the given name.
 protected  void setIcon(String resourceName) 
    Set the bean's 16x16 colour icon.