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public interface: TestElement [javadoc | source]

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Field Summary
public static final  String NAME     
public static final  String GUI_CLASS     
public static final  String ENABLED     
public static final  String TEST_CLASS     
Method from org.apache.jmeter.testelement.TestElement Summary:
addTestElement,   canRemove,   clear,   clone,   getProperty,   getPropertyAsBoolean,   getPropertyAsFloat,   getPropertyAsInt,   getPropertyAsLong,   getPropertyAsString,   getThreadContext,   getThreadName,   isEnabled,   isRunningVersion,   isTemporary,   propertyIterator,   recoverRunningVersion,   removeProperty,   setProperty,   setProperty,   setRunningVersion,   setTemporary,   setThreadContext,   setThreadName,   threadFinished,   threadStarted,   traverse
Method from org.apache.jmeter.testelement.TestElement Detail:
 public  void addTestElement(TestElement child)
 public boolean canRemove()
    Called by Remove to determine if it is safe to remove the element. The element can either clean itself up, and return true, or the element can return false.
 public  void clear()
    Clear the TestElement of all data.
 public Object clone()
 public JMeterProperty getProperty(String propName)
    Given the name of the property, returns the appropriate property from JMeter. If it is null, a NullProperty object will be returned.
 public boolean getPropertyAsBoolean(String key)
    Return a property as a boolean value.
 public float getPropertyAsFloat(String key)
 public int getPropertyAsInt(String key)
 public long getPropertyAsLong(String key)
 public String getPropertyAsString(String key)
 public JMeterContext getThreadContext()
 public String getThreadName()
 public boolean isEnabled()
    Check if ENABLED property is present and true ; defaults to true
 public boolean isRunningVersion()
    Returns true or false whether the element is the running version.
 public boolean isTemporary(JMeterProperty property)
    Test whether a given property is only a temporary resident of the TestElement
 public PropertyIterator propertyIterator()
    Get a Property Iterator for the TestElements properties.
 public  void recoverRunningVersion()
    Tells the test element to return to the state it was in when makeRunningVersion() was called.
 public  void removeProperty(String key)
 public  void setProperty(JMeterProperty property)
    Sets and overwrites a property in the TestElement. This call will be ignored if the TestElement is currently a "running version".
 public  void setProperty(String key,
    String value)
 public  void setRunningVersion(boolean run)
    Make the test element the running version, or make it no longer the running version. This tells the test element that it's current state must be retrievable by a call to recoverRunningVersion(). It is kind of like making the TestElement Read- Only, but not as strict. Changes can be made and the element can be modified, but the state of the element at the time of the call to setRunningVersion() must be recoverable.
 public  void setTemporary(JMeterProperty property)
    Indicate that the given property should be only a temporary property in the TestElement
 public  void setThreadContext(JMeterContext threadContext)
 public  void setThreadName(String threadName)
 public  void threadFinished()
    Called at the end of each thread. TODO - should it hava a parameter?
 public  void threadStarted()
    Called at the start of each thread. TODO - should it hava a parameter?
 public  void traverse(TestElementTraverser traverser)
    Convenient way to traverse a test element.