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public final class: JMeterContextService [javadoc | source]
Provides context service for JMeter threads. Keeps track of active and total thread counts.
Method from org.apache.jmeter.threads.JMeterContextService Summary:
addTotalThreads,   clearTotalThreads,   decrNumberOfThreads,   endTest,   getContext,   getNumberOfThreads,   getTestStartTime,   getTotalThreads,   incrNumberOfThreads,   startTest
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Method from org.apache.jmeter.threads.JMeterContextService Detail:
 public static synchronized  void addTotalThreads(int thisGroup) 
    Update the total number of threads
 public static synchronized  void clearTotalThreads() 
    Set total threads to zero
 static synchronized  void decrNumberOfThreads() 
    Decrement number of active threads.
 public static synchronized  void endTest() 
    Called by MainFrame#testEnded(). Clears start time field.
 public static JMeterContext getContext() 
    Gives access to the current thread context.
 public static synchronized int getNumberOfThreads() 
    Get the number of currently active threads
 public static synchronized long getTestStartTime() 
 public static synchronized int getTotalThreads() 
    Get the total number of threads (>= active)
 static synchronized  void incrNumberOfThreads() 
    Increment number of active threads.
 public static synchronized  void startTest() 
    Method is called by the JMeterEngine class when a test run is started. Zeroes numberOfActiveThreads. Saves current time in a field and in the JMeter property "TESTSTART.MS"