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public final class: CharReader [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, Readable

CharReader is a Reader wrapper. It reads chars from Reader and outputs CharStream , defining an identify function #correctOffset method that simply returns the provided offset.
Field Summary
protected  Reader input     
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Method from org.apache.lucene.analysis.CharReader Summary:
close,   correctOffset,   get,   mark,   markSupported,   read,   reset
Methods from org.apache.lucene.analysis.CharStream:
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close,   mark,   markSupported,   read,   read,   read,   read,   ready,   reset,   skip
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Method from org.apache.lucene.analysis.CharReader Detail:
 public  void close() throws IOException 
 public int correctOffset(int currentOff) 
 public static CharStream get(Reader input) 
 public  void mark(int readAheadLimit) throws IOException 
 public boolean markSupported() 
 public int read(char[] cbuf,
    int off,
    int len) throws IOException 
 public  void reset() throws IOException