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PatternConsumer   This interface is used to connect the XML pattern file parser to the hyphenation tree.  code | html


ByteVector   This class implements a simple byte vector with access to the underlying array.  code | html
CharVector   This class implements a simple char vector with access to the underlying array.  code | html
Hyphen   This class represents a hyphen.  code | html
Hyphenation   This class represents a hyphenated word.  code | html
HyphenationDTDGenerator     code | html
HyphenationException   This class has been taken from the Apache FOP project (http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/). They have been slightly modified.  code | html
HyphenationTree   This tree structure stores the hyphenation patterns in an efficient way for fast lookup.  code | html
PatternParser   A SAX document handler to read and parse hyphenation patterns from a XML file.  code | html

Ternary Search Tree.

A ternary search tree is a hybrid between a binary tree and a digital search tree (trie). 

code | html
TernaryTree.Iterator     code | html
TernaryTree.Iterator.Item     code | html