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This class should be used when there is a builder for each type of node. The type of node may be defined in 2 different ways: - by the field name, when the node implements the FieldableNode interface - by its class, it keeps checking the class and all the interfaces and classes this class implements/extends until it finds a builder for that class/interface This class always check if there is a builder for the field name before it checks for the node class. So, field name builders have precedence over class builders. When a builder is found for a node, it's called and the node is passed to the builder. If the returned built object is not null, it's tagged on the node using the tag QueryTreeBuilder#QUERY_TREE_BUILDER_TAGID . The children are usually built before the parent node. However, if a builder associated to a node is an instance of QueryTreeBuilder , the node is delegated to this builder and it's responsible to build the node and its children.
Field Summary
public static final  String QUERY_TREE_BUILDER_TAGID    This tag is used to tag the nodes in a query tree with the built objects produced from their own associated builder. 
 public QueryTreeBuilder() 
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build,   setBuilder,   setBuilder
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Method from org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.builders.QueryTreeBuilder Detail:
 public Object build(QueryNode queryNode) throws QueryNodeException 
    Builds some kind of object from a query tree. Each node in the query tree is built using an specific builder associated to it.
 public  void setBuilder(CharSequence fieldName,
    QueryBuilder builder) 
    Associates a field name with a builder.
 public  void setBuilder(Class<QueryNode> queryNodeClass,
    QueryBuilder builder) 
    Associates a class with a builder