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public class: JspPropertyGroup [javadoc | source]
The jsp-property-groupType is used to group a number of files so they can be given global property information. All files so described are deemed to be JSP files. The following additional properties can be described:

- Control whether EL is ignored. - Control whether scripting elements are invalid. - Indicate pageEncoding information. - Indicate that a resource is a JSP document (XML). - Prelude and Coda automatic includes. - Control whether the character sequence #{ is allowed when used as a String literal. - Control whether template text containing only whitespaces must be removed from the response output.
Field Summary
protected  TextMap description     
protected  TextMap displayName     
protected  LocalCollection<Icon> icon     
protected  List<String> urlPattern     
protected  Boolean elIgnored     
protected  String pageEncoding     
protected  Boolean scriptingInvalid     
protected  Boolean isXml     
protected  List<String> includePrelude     
protected  List<String> includeCoda     
protected  Boolean deferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral     
protected  Boolean trimDirectiveWhitespaces     
protected  String id     
Method from org.apache.openejb.jee.JspPropertyGroup Summary:
getDescription,   getDescriptions,   getDisplayName,   getDisplayNames,   getIcon,   getIconMap,   getIcons,   getId,   getIncludeCoda,   getIncludePrelude,   getPageEncoding,   getUrlPattern,   isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral,   isElIgnored,   isIsXml,   isScriptingInvalid,   isTrimDirectiveWhitespaces,   setDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral,   setDescriptions,   setDisplayNames,   setElIgnored,   setId,   setIsXml,   setPageEncoding,   setScriptingInvalid,   setTrimDirectiveWhitespaces
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.openejb.jee.JspPropertyGroup Detail:
 public String getDescription() 
 public Text[] getDescriptions() 
 public String getDisplayName() 
 public Text[] getDisplayNames() 
 public Icon getIcon() 
 public Map<String, Icon> getIconMap() 
 public Collection<Icon> getIcons() 
 public String getId() 
 public List<String> getIncludeCoda() 
 public List<String> getIncludePrelude() 
 public String getPageEncoding() 
 public List<String> getUrlPattern() 
 public Boolean isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral() 
 public Boolean isElIgnored() 
 public Boolean isIsXml() 
 public Boolean isScriptingInvalid() 
 public Boolean isTrimDirectiveWhitespaces() 
 public  void setDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral(Boolean value) 
 public  void setDescriptions(Text[] text) 
 public  void setDisplayNames(Text[] text) 
 public  void setElIgnored(Boolean value) 
 public  void setId(String value) 
 public  void setIsXml(Boolean value) 
 public  void setPageEncoding(String value) 
 public  void setScriptingInvalid(Boolean value) 
 public  void setTrimDirectiveWhitespaces(Boolean value)