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public class: RunAs [javadoc | source]
The run-asType specifies the run-as identity to be used for the execution of a component. It contains an optional description, and the name of a security role.
Field Summary
protected  List<Text> description     
protected  String roleName     
protected  String id     
 public RunAs() 
 public RunAs(String roleName) 
Method from org.apache.openejb.jee.RunAs Summary:
getDescription,   getId,   getRoleName,   setId,   setRoleName
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Method from org.apache.openejb.jee.RunAs Detail:
 public List<Text> getDescription() 
 public String getId() 
 public String getRoleName() 
 public  void setId(String value) 
 public  void setRoleName(String value)