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Sub Packages:

org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.common.filespecification   The file specification package defines classes that are used for the PDF File Specification logic.  
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.common.function   This package contains functions that are available in the PDF specification.  


COSObjectable   This is an interface used to get/create the underlying COSObject.  code | html
DualCOSObjectable   This is an interface to represent a PDModel object that holds two COS objects.  code | html
PDDestinationOrAction   This is an interface used for some elements such as the document OpenAction that can be either a Destination or an Action.  code | html
PDPageLabels.LabelHandler   Internal interface for the control flow support.  code | html


COSArrayList   This is an implementation of a List that will sync its contents to a COSArray.  code | html
COSDictionaryMap   This is a Map that will automatically sync the contents to a COSDictionary.  code | html
COSStreamArray   This will take an array of streams and sequence them together.  code | html
PDDictionaryWrapper   A wrapper for a COS dictionary.  code | html
PDMatrix   This class will be used for matrix manipulation.  code | html
PDMemoryStream   A PDStream represents a stream in a PDF document.  code | html
PDMetadata   This class represents metadata for various objects in a PDF document.  code | html
PDNameTreeNode   This class represends a PDF Name tree.  code | html
PDNamedTextStream   A named text stream is a combination of a name and a PDTextStream object.  code | html
PDNumberTreeNode   This class represents a PDF Number tree.  code | html
PDObjectStream   A PDStream represents a stream in a PDF document.  code | html
PDPageLabelRange   Contains information for a page label range.  code | html
PDPageLabels   Represents the page label dictionary of a document.  code | html
PDPageLabels.LabelGenerator   Generates the labels in a page range.  code | html
PDRange   This class will be used to signify a range. a(min) <= a* <= a(max)  code | html
PDRectangle   This represents a rectangle in a PDF document.  code | html
PDStream   A PDStream represents a stream in a PDF document.  code | html
PDTextStream   A PDTextStream class is used when the PDF specification supports either a string or a stream for the value of an object.  code | html
PDTypedDictionaryWrapper   A wrapper for a COS dictionary including Type information.  code | html