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Abstract Classes:

PDCIDFont   This is implementation for the CIDFontType0/CIDFontType2 Fonts.  code | html
PDFont   This is the base class for all PDF fonts.  code | html
PDFontDescriptor   This class represents an interface to the font description.  code | html
PDSimpleFont   This class contains implementation details of the simple pdf fonts.  code | html


FontManager   This class is used as font manager.  code | html
PDCIDFontType0Font   This is implementation of the CIDFontType0 Font.  code | html
PDCIDFontType2Font   This is implementation of the CIDFontType2 Font.  code | html
PDFontDescriptorAFM   This class represents the font descriptor when the font information is coming from an AFM file.  code | html
PDFontDescriptorDictionary   This class represents an implementation to the font descriptor that gets its information from a COS Dictionary.  code | html
PDFontFactory   This will create the correct type of font based on information in the dictionary.  code | html
PDMMType1Font   This is implementation of the Multiple Master Type1 Font.  code | html
PDTrueTypeFont   This is the TrueType implementation of fonts.  code | html
PDType0Font   This is implementation of the Type0 Font.  code | html
PDType1AfmPfbFont   This is implementation of the Type1 Font with a afm and a pfb file.  code | html
PDType1CFont   This class represents a CFF/Type2 Font (aka Type1C Font).  code | html
PDType1CFont.PDFCharset   This class represents a PDFCharset.  code | html
PDType1CFont.PDFEncoding   This class represents a PDFEncoding.  code | html
PDType1Font   This is implementation of the Type1 Font.  code | html
PDType3Font   This is implementation of the Type3 Font.  code | html
Type3StreamParser   This class will handle creating an image for a type 3 glyph.  code | html