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ApplyRequestValuesInterceptor   Applies the request values to the component tree  code | html
FacesInterceptor   Translates JSF phases into individual interceptors, and adapts their expected workflow to Action 2  code | html
FacesRender   Performs the JSF render lifecycle phase.  code | html
FacesResult   Executes the JSF render phase  code | html
FacesSetupInterceptor   * Initializes the JSF context for this request.  code | html
FacesSupport   Provides common lifecycle phase methods needed by interceptors and results.  code | html
InvokeApplicationInterceptor   Invokes the application  code | html
ProcessValidationsInterceptor   Processes validations on the component tree  code | html
RestoreViewInterceptor   Restores the view or component tree  code | html
StrutsNavigationHandler   Overrides the JFS navigation by delegating the result to handling by the core result code lookup and execution.  code | html
StrutsVariableResolver   Will return a reference to the current action if the action name matches the requested variable name.  code | html
UpdateModelValuesInterceptor   Updates the model values from the component tree  code | html