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AdapterNode     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractAdapterElement   AbstractAdapterElement extends the abstract Node type and implements the DOM Element interface.  code | html
AbstractAdapterNode   AbstractAdapterNode is the base for childAdapters that expose a read-only view of a Java object as a DOM Node.  code | html
ProxyNodeAdapter   ProxyNodeAdapter is a read-only delegating adapter for objects which already implement the Node interface.  code | html


AdapterFactory   AdapterFactory produces Node adapters for Java object types.  code | html
ArrayAdapter     code | html
BeanAdapter   This class is the most general type of adapter, utilizing reflective introspection to present a DOM view of all of the public properties of its value.  code | html
CollectionAdapter     code | html
MapAdapter   MapAdapter adapters a java.util.Map type to an XML DOM with the following structure:
code | html
MapAdapter.EntryElement     code | html
ProxyAttrAdapter   ProxyAttrAdapter is a pass-through adapter for objects which already implement the Attr interface.  code | html
ProxyElementAdapter   ProxyElementAdapter is a pass-through adapter for objects which already implement the Element interface.  code | html
ProxyNamedNodeMap   A NamedNodeMap that wraps the Nodes returned in their proxies.  code | html
ProxyTextNodeAdapter   ProxyTextNodeAdapter is a pass-through adapter for objects which already implement the Text interface.  code | html
ServletURIResolver   ServletURIResolver is a URIResolver that can retrieve resources from the servlet context using the scheme "response".  code | html
SimpleAdapterDocument   SimpleAdapterDocument adapted a Java object and presents it as a Document.  code | html
SimpleNodeList     code | html
SimpleTextNode     code | html
StringAdapter   StringAdapter adapts a Java String value to a DOM Element with the specified property name containing the String's text.  code | html
XSLTResult   XSLTResult uses XSLT to transform an action object to XML.  code | html