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public class: TapestryMarkers [javadoc | source]
A set of markers used internally by Tapestry when logging in code related to paqes and components. Most logging toolkits, including Log4J, do not incorporate markers, but LOGBack does.
Field Summary
public static final  Marker TAPESTRY    A root marker for all things Tapestry related. The remaining markers are children of the TAPESTRY marker. 
public static final  Marker CLASS_TRANSFORMATION    Logs the final version of the class transformation. This is useful when debugging s, as it shows exactly what transformation operations occured, at the Java code level. 
public static final  Marker EVENT_HANDLER_METHOD    Marker for a debug log that occurs just before invocation of a event handler method. 
public static final  Marker EVENT_DISPATCH    Marker for logging related to component event dispatch. 
public static final  Marker RENDER_COMMANDS    Marker for logging, at trace level verbose details about each individual org.apache.tapestry5.runtime.RenderCommand involved in rendering the page, as well as a final (debug level) summary of command count and elapsed time. 
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