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Abstract Classes:

AbstractMessages   Abstract implementation of Messages that doesn't know where values come from (that information is supplied in a subclass, via the #valueForKey(String) method).  code | html


BodyBuilder   Utility class for assembling the body used with Javassist when defining a method or constructor.  code | html
CaseInsensitiveMap   An mapped collection where the keys are always strings and access to values is case-insensitive.  code | html
CaseInsensitiveMap.CIMEntry     code | html
CaseInsensitiveMap.EntrySet     code | html
CaseInsensitiveMap.EntrySetIterator     code | html
CaseInsensitiveMap.Position     code | html
ExceptionUtils   Contains static methods useful for manipulating exceptions.  code | html
Stack   A simple, streamlined implementation of java.util.Stack . The implementation is not threadsafe.  code | html
StrategyRegistry   A key component in implementing the "Gang of Four" Strategy pattern.  code | html
TimeInterval   Used to represent a period of time, specifically as a configuration value.  code | html
UtilMessages   Static messages  code | html