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CompleteAutoloadTilesContainerFactory   Tiles container factory that:
  • create supporting objects for Velocity and FreeMarker;
  • create renderers for Velocity and FreeMarker templates;
  • allows using EL, MVEL and OGNL as attribute expressions;
  • allows using Wildcards and Regular Expressions in definition names;
  • loads Tiles 1.x definition files;
  • loads all the definition files that have the "tiles*.xml" pattern under /WEB-INF directory (and subdirectories) and under META-INF directories (and subdirectories) in every jar.
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CompleteAutoloadTilesInitializer   This initializer uses WildcardServletTilesApplicationContext to retrieve resources using Ant-style patterns and creates a CompleteAutoloadTilesContainerFactory to load all new features of Tiles at once.  code | html
CompleteAutoloadTilesListener   Tiles listener that executes CompleteAutoloadTilesInitializer code | html